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The Career Genie

Is your job is slowly killing your soul? Do you feel like you’re floundering, unsure of your purpose…or wonder when your ‘real work’ will begin?

But you have no idea what that is? You just know:

  • It’s not what you’re doing now.
  • It involves helping people, animals or the planet…somehow.

And…maybe you secretly fear finding your passion because you think “making a difference” means “making no money.”

It doesn’t have to be like this. I can help.

I’ve developed The Career Genie program for people just like you. We’re going to work together, side-by-side, to discover how your own soul is speaking to you. This isn’t mystical; it’s practical and, honestly, a lot of work. We will maximize our three coaching sessions together by utilizing background reading and homework in between our sessions.

As a result of The Career Genie program, you will:

  • Be happier in your current job and enjoy your daily work more.
  • Discover experiences that delight you and thrill your soul.
  • Have the confidence to pursue your dreams and discover the work that lets you make a difference without being afraid of being broke.

Here’s how we’re going to do this:

Session #1: Improving Your Work, Right Now
This session we are going to use tools to make your existing job way more fun and use it as a way to find your passion.

Session #2: “I’m going to be homeless.”- and other hilarious lies
This session we will face ‘everyone’s’ major fears – you’re going to be broke and no one will understand when you leave your cushy, steady job to become a ________. We’re going to get you the social support you need, and tame those money fears.

Session #3: Discover Your Internal Navigation System
This week you are going to get to know your own internal guidance system – one which will always be able to guide you on your right path. You’ll learn how to track your passion – in all areas of your life.

I cannot promise you that you will find your dream career in three sessions (though I do have clients who have done just that). It took me more than ten years to find mine. What I can promise is that you will know how to find it.